PaveProf is a modular system that uses 3D laser sensors and high resolution images to measure pavement profiles for applications such as surface roughness, texture and rutting at highways speeds to international standards.

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The Pave®Prof V2.0 design consists of modular components and software - from a single laser and accelerometer system (for single wheel path IRI and Texture measurements) to the complete system consisting of up to 40 fully integrated lasers (for full transverse highway measurement).

The Pave®Prof V2.0 is capable of real-time continuous measurements of longitudinal and transverse profile, rut depth and macro texture. These values can be used to calculate ride comfort, surface friction and surface noise generation to standards such as the International Roughness Index (IRI), Ride Number (RN) and Ride Quality Index (RQI) and many more.

The inherent flexibility, accuracy and reliability of Pave®Prof V2.0 helps to deliver improved highway and runway surfaces and reduces the risk of accidents which can result from poor surface conditions. And, despite offering unbeatable quality and accuracy, the system is very competitively priced with low running and maintenance costs.