The PAVE®LWD Light Weight Falling Deflectometer provides a time and cost saving alternative to expensive static plate loading tests. It measures un-bound material to quickly determine soil bearing capacity and compaction quality; and it enables the measurement of dynamic deformation modulus (Evd value) for soils, stone or other non cohesive material - information vital to the construction of buildings, railways and pavements.


The unit was specifically designed and constructed in accordance with the ASTM E2835-11 standard for "Measuring Deflections using a Portable Impulse Plate Load Test Device" and the German technical regulations TP BF-StB section B 8.3. Used in many industry sectors including, road construction, railway engineering and earthworks, for quality protection in canal construction and utility trenches, and in the examination of roadbeds and foundation fillings.

The PAVELWD provides a perfect synergy with the rest of PaveTesting?s range of advanced pavement testing equipment and is further proof of our ability to deliver unrivalled quality and value in the highways, aviation and construction industries worldwide.

The size and portability of the PAVELWD HMP make it ideal for sites where access is difficult. Built-in soil layers can easily be tested without load abutment, facilitating quick assessments of test lots even under limited space conditions.

The measurement values can be printed out on site including the settlement, the Evd modulus, the 3 displacement curves, the maximum displacements, compaction degree and the settlement speed. These measurements can be easily transferred to a PC to produce detailed protocols about the individual measuring points and to save the data in a database with practical search and editing possibilities.

Standard Configuration

  • Loading device with 10 kg drop weight, ergonomic handle and bubble level
  • 300mm Loading plate with Accelerometer Transducer
  • Internal memory for up to 1000 tests, supplied with External Memory Card for data transfer
  • Back-lit graphic display to view data
  • Thermal printer complete with paper rolls
  • Electronic box/loading plate connection cable with high quality plugs
  • User-friendly, multi-language software with statistical analysis
  • Chip card to save up to 250 tests
  • External chip card reader with USB connection
  • Battery charger (110 - 220 volt) and car battery charger 12-16 V DC (or 24-32V DC)
  • Official calibration protocol
  • Full practical training and operating instructions

Features and Benefits

  • No heavy loaded vehicle required
  • Designed and manufactured to ASTM E2835-11 standard
  • Single person operation
  • Lightweight and portable - makes testing feasible even in awkward inaccessible locations
  • Time and cost-saving (less than 2 minutes per measuring point test)
  • In-built GPS system delivers precise measuring data for road and pipe construction
  • Immediate on-site evaluation of test results
  • Reliable and precise
  • Splash proof electronic box with transparent window and splash proof buttons enable use even in bad weather conditions
  • Back-lit graphic display for easy data viewing during tests
  • Audio signal
  • Ergonomic handles

Technical Specification

  • Loading Mechanism:
    • Total - 15 Kg
    • Drop Weight - 10 Kg
    • Duration of impact - 17.0 ± 1,5 ms
    • Material - zinc coated/hard-chrome plated steel
  • Load Plate:
    • Diameter - 300 mm
    • Plate thickness - 20.0 mm
    • Total weight ? 15 kg
    • Material - zinc coated steel
  • Electronic settlement measuring instrument:
    • Power supply - 4 X R6 batteries
    • Dimensions - 210 mm X 80 mm X 25 mm
    • Settlement measuring range - 0.1 bis 2.0 mm ± 0.02 mm
    • Measuring range Evd - 0.1 bis 2.0 mm ± 0.02 mm
    • Temperature range - 0 bis 40 °C


  • Magnetic base plate for proper positioning of loading unit and hands free operation
  • Collapsible transportation cart - for comfortable transportation and easy storage
  • Electronic box with GPS system
  • Transport box - for safe and secure transportation


Before delivery each PAVELWD is calibrated by an officially recognized institute to meet or exceeds all the required calibration standards including conformity with ASTM, German and Austrian regulations.

During the check, the displacement is verified by means of a transducer and compared with the displacements registered by the PAVELWD HMP sensor. These tests are performed with a hard, a medium and a soft basis. The displacements are very close to each other to meet the required calibration qualifications.


  • User-friendly and practical software
  • Automatic self check of results - with error feed back
  • Protocol Software - for comfortable evaluation and processing of measurements and easy-view archiving of representative A4-protocols
  • Measurement data can be easily transferred to a PC via the USB memory key or direct connection to produce detailed reports about individual measuring points.
  • Specifically designed to enable saving of data in a database with practical search and editing possibilities.