A Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer, Pave®HWD and the Super Heavy, Pave®SHWD are twin axle trailers used for non-destructive testing of stiff bound material as found on Airport Runways and truck car parks. Using the same technology as the Pave®FWD they are used to determine the stress/strain parameters of pavements and subgrades that require loads of 250kN or 350kN.


Utilising up to 23 vertical deflection sensors to measure the pulse wave generated by the load pack the collected information is used to determine surface material strength. By combining this data with Layer thickness, resilient E-moduli can be determined, and further analysis can determine bearing capacity, expected surface life and overlay requirements.

A four way split specially designed loading plate is placed on the surface of the pavement and a load pulse is applied to the plate. The load pulse is generated by the impact of a falling weight. The load pulse is designed to cause a deflection that closely simulates the deflection of modern aircraft wheel loadings such as the 777 or the Airbus A380.

The PAVE®HWD can be used on both ridged and flexible pavement surfaces.

Upgrade from PaveHWD to SHWD can be performed within 2 hours on site.

The software is simple and intuitive to use, operating on a standard Microsoft Windows platform. It displays results immediately after each test and creates standard excel documents of each test or series of tests for further data analysis. It also supports multiple languages.

Enhanced Digital Geophones supplied as standard to eliminate electrical interference giving greater accuracy in deflection readings


  • UK manufactured based on a proven international design to ASTM D 4694
  • Digital Geophones
  • Foldable Chassis Design
  • Automatic controlled load adjustment for greater accuracy
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Ambient, ground and in-Ground temperature sensors supplied as standard
  • Safety interlocking system
  • Calibrated to AASHTO R-32 international standard by qualified engineers
  • Output File format, in CSV, PDDX, MDB, F20, F25, PAV


  • Upgradeable to 23 deflection sensors
  • Configurable load plate dimensions (450mm and 600mm available)
  • Camera system with live video and for load plate monitoring with option to take photos using the second Camera
  • Global Positioning Data recorded at each drop location
  • PaveGPR ? Ground Penetrating
  • Radar for Layer Thickness measurements


  • PaveHWD
  • 3900x1700x1400mm (unfoldered)
  • 2500x1700x1400mm (foldered)
  • 7 - 250kN Load Range
  • PaveSHWD
  • 3900x1700x1400mm (unfoldered)
  • 2500x1700x1400mm (foldered)
  • 7 - 350kN Load Range