Humboldt's NEW HS-5001SD Moisture/Density Gauge provides easier and more efficient operation, data collection and processing, safety and repair than any other gauge in its class.


This new Gauge uses state-of-the-art technology to bring you a host of new features to make your job easier. Featuring a 4.3" touch-screen, the SD Gauge provides intuitive operation of all gauge operations. You also have the option to use the gauge's touch pad instead of the touch-screen, if desired.

The SD’s versatility allows it to measure density through direct transmission and backscatter modes, as well as including thin lift and trench modes, as well as moisture determinations. The gauge uses an advanced micro-processor-based technology to provide highly-accurate measurements of density and moisture that are automatically computed for direct readouts of wet density, dry density, moisture content, percent of moisture, percent of compaction (Proctor or Marshall), void ratio and air voids. The SD Gauge complies with all pertinent standards: ASTM D6938, D2950, C1040 and AASHTO T310.


Touch-Screen or Touch Pad

You have your choice with the new Humboldt HS-5001SD Moisture/Density Gauge. The gauge features a 4.3" touch-screen, which provides complete control or you can also use the menu-driven touch pad.

Easy to Power

The SD Touchscreen Gauge is powered by a rechargeable Li-ION battery, which provides up to 60 hrs. of runtime. In addition, the gauge can also be powered by six standard AA alkaline batteries. Car charger available.


The SD Gauge is equipped with GPS, which keeps track of the actual location of your readings to ensure locations and validity of tests.

Bluetooth Enabled

The new SD gauge can connect to your PC for downloading test results via its Bluetooth wireless technology. No more cables and gauges on your desk. Bluetooth provides a reliable and secure connection up to 30 feet.

USB Port

The SD gauge also has a USB slot, which provides a convenient way to capture test data and take it with you, as well as provide an easy way to upgrade the gauge's firmware. Firmware upgrades will be available via the internet from our website.

Easy Self Repairs

The SD Gauge's modular design enables it to be serviced in the field by you, if necessary. No need to send the gauge in for repair, we’ll send you the necessary components and walk