Humboldt water baths are a perfect match for Marshall and Superpave test applications and meet ASTM D1559, D5581 and D4867.


Humboldt water baths feature a microprocessor-based digital controller for precise temperature control throughout their temperature range of ambient to 180°F (82°C) at an accuracy of +/-0.1% of input span. The dual digital display simultaneously shows the set point and the process temperature at a glance.

Humboldt Water Baths are fully insulated to help maintain constant temperatures easily. Models H-1390 and H-1392 can accommodate (12) 4" diameter or (3) 6" diameter Marshall specimens at a time. And the model H-1394 can accommodate (16) 4" and (9) 6" diameter Marshall specimens at a time. All models include a stainless steel shelf, which supports specimens while allowing 2" of free circulating water above and below specimens. Models H-1390 and H-1394 also utilize a magnetic stirring bar to induce water flow within the bath and ensure a uniform temperature is maintained. Model H-1392 does not have a magnetic stirring bar.


  • Auto-tuning is fast & effortless
  • Dual, digital display simultaneously shows set point and process temperature
  • Ramp-to-set point handle critical temperature processes smoothly
  • Set point range limiting protects process and equipment
  • Percent power limit protects components from stress
  • Rapid cycling provides fast system response
  • Operator lockout guards against unwanted changes
  • All exposed parts are stainless steel. Front panel is water and corrosion resistant.