Humboldt FlexPanels provide a simple and highly efficient distribution system for providing air, water and de-aired water for use in permeability and triaxial testing applications.


The FlexPanel’s simple, straight-forward configuration, with its integral burettes provides a condensed/compact design that takes up less counter space than competing systems with air/water bladders.

The long, narrow burette design of Humboldt's FlexPanels provide faster test processing times when compared to larger, shorter burette systems, while providing the same volume. This is due to the reduced amount of meniscus formation in the narrower burettes, which allows the water level to drop faster, resulting in faster readings. In addition, the use of longer/narrower burettes and a scale graduation of 0.02ml, also provides an easier-to-read and more accurate scale.


  • Bias pressure regulator allows simultaneous control of confining and back pressures, while maintaining a constant differential
  • Longer Burette and 0.02ml graduation give more accurate results, better productivity, and faster turnaround
  • Cost efficient, expandable system • Uses no-volume-change Swage lock valves
  • Bridge feature delivers simultaneous control of base and top pressures by adjusting one pressure regulator
  • Quick-connect hook ups for fast and reliable set up.
  • Master control panel houses digital pressure readout for the controlling pressure, inlet vacuum regulator & gauge, inlet pressure regulators and gauge, de-aired water tank controls, tap and de-aired water supply outlets, and pressure & vacuum outlets
  • Humboldt’s bridge and bias controls simplify testing
  • Long burette design provides a highly accurate scale, as well as faster tests response and results
  • Lightweight, aluminium frame is extremely durable and resists rust
  • Complies with ASTM D5084; BS 1377 Part 6 1990.