A Falling Weight Deflectometer is used to measure the vertical deflection response of a surface to an impulse load.
Precision load measurement and deflection sensors measure and record the Pavement surface characteristic which are used to calculate pavement properties.

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Whether your requirements call for a Light Weight Handheld Deflectometer, or the Super Heavy Weight Trailer Mounted Deflectometer, PaveTesting can help.

All Deflectometers manufactured by PaveTesting provide fast and accurate measurements with each system having the ability to be customised to your specific requirements.

A Deflectometer is used for the following applications:

  • Pavement rehabilitation and overlay
  • PCC joint sealing evaluation
  • Pavement management systems
  • Load transfer efficiency
  • Void detection
  • Spring load restrictions
  • Utility cuts
  • Experimental paving materials
  • Project acceptance and evaluation

All Equipment meet and exceed specifications set forth by ASTM and AASHTO standard.