The Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR) performs flexural tests on asphalt binder and similar specimens per ASTM D6648-01 and AASHTO T313-02.


These tests, initially developed by the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP), consist of a constant force being applied to a specimen in a chilled fluid bath in order to derive specific rates of deformation at various temperatures. The complete BBR system consists of a fluid bath base unit, a three-point bend test apparatus, which is easily removed from the base unit for specimen loading and unloading, an external cooling unit with temperature controller and a calibration hardware kit with carrying case. The unit features an integral, stainless steel load frame and In-line, blunt-point loading shaft.

The large, easy-to-read digital display shows load, displacement, and bath temperature for ease of setup and operation. Real-time displacement, loading, and temperature graphs are displayed during the test cycle and can be re-plotted and re-scaled as needed for easy viewing. Unit includes ASTM/AASHTO-compliant specimen molds and complete calibration kit with carrying case.


  • Durable, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Computerized control, data acquisition, and analysis
  • PID temperature controller with digital display
  • Two independent platinum RTDs for precise temperature control
  • Mechanically-refrigerated cooling bath with environmentally-safe non-CFC coolant
  • Integral LVDT and temperature-compensated load cell for accurate test results
  • Patented air bearing ensures reliable loading with accurate, repeatable results
  • Includes complete calibration kit with carrying case
  • Includes ASTM/AASHTO-compliant specimen molds